Emerging Trends and Technologies in Roofing for 2024

Modernizing the Roofing Industry

Image of a modern roof

In most neighborhoods, roofs have been uniform, but things are beginning to
change. More homeowners are seeking out different kinds of roofing materials and
non-traditional roofing features, and companies have been working hard to meet
those changing demands. Here are some of the interesting trends emerging this

1. Solar Roofing

Regarding solar roofing, the number of options available to homeowners has
increased. Manufacturers make roof-mounted solar panels as they have been doing
for a while, and they also make solar panels that are integrated into special
shingles. These solar shingles, or solar roof tiles as they’re also known, can be
placed on top of shingles in some cases, and in others, they can replace traditional

2. Green Roofing

A green roof looks so vibrant and can make a home more environmentally friendly.
Green roofs can be complicated in terms of design, especially when it comes to
water and resistance to extreme weather. When properly planned out, though, a
green roof can add value to a home, help a property look unique, and keep a home
cooler in the summer.

3. Metal Roofing

Many people are choosing to go with recycled metal for their roofs to reduce their
carbon footprint. Metal roofs can do an excellent job withstanding the elements and
reflecting the sun on hot days. They’re expected to last for at least several decades,
if not much more.

4. The Use of Technology

The roofing industry has benefited greatly from high-tech equipment. Computer
programs can render images that show homeowners exactly what their houses
would look like with certain kinds of roofs, and specialized drones can be used to
survey work sites, identify areas of concern, and even deliver materials to specific locations. Plus, some new smart roofs have sensors that can detect leaks, blocked
drains, and heavy snow loads. At Himalaya Group, advanced computer systems
allow us to plan and implement projects with efficiency.

5. Keeping Up With Trends

A lot is going on in the roofing industry, and we feel that things are moving in the
right direction. Solar roofs, green roofs, and recycled metal roofs have attracted the
attention of many homeowners, and on our side of things, technology has helped us
make improvements to our service. If you’d like to hear more about roofing
options, please call us at Himalaya Roofing.

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